Bend will shortly make a return....

2012-09-23 21:13:34 by Josh

Hello Newgrounds Fans,

As a return from hiatus, I am producing a Flash Game with other fellow Newgrounds authors of epic proportions. This project will be so epic, you will cum in your pants harder than a jackhammer on Christmas Eve.

I will keep you updated on the status of this as the project moves through the planning process. The details of this project is still under lock and won't be released until we're almost completed the project.

Stay tuned...

Bend will shortly make a return....


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2012-09-23 21:57:50

It's been a while but...are you THE Josh Bedn?

Josh responds:



2013-03-22 14:17:44

josh bend
if you need a friend
theres josh bend
josh bend


2014-06-06 00:17:18

how are you 29

Josh responds:

I was born, and I lived for 29 years...


2015-01-09 20:23:18

You look a lot younger dude