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2016-04-12 10:32:36 by Josh

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2014-04-05 07:37:28 by Josh

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2014-01-30 19:32:15 by Josh

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2013-08-17 12:17:23 by Josh



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2013-08-15 21:33:52 by Josh

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I said HEY!

2013-07-18 16:31:29 by Josh


I said HEY!

Bend will shortly make a return....

2012-09-23 21:13:34 by Josh

Hello Newgrounds Fans,

As a return from hiatus, I am producing a Flash Game with other fellow Newgrounds authors of epic proportions. This project will be so epic, you will cum in your pants harder than a jackhammer on Christmas Eve.

I will keep you updated on the status of this as the project moves through the planning process. The details of this project is still under lock and won't be released until we're almost completed the project.

Stay tuned...

Bend will shortly make a return....


2012-08-04 13:56:19 by Josh

How do you know when my penis is hard? When your mom moans!



My name is Joshua Bend, I am a 26 year old male residing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in the township of Falls. I am looking for a second chance when someone who was in a

position of trust violated me sexually, which resulting in my anger outbursts in school and at home. Now that I've become sober and have gotten treatment for my Post-Traumatic

Stress Disorder, I am looking to start my life and be who I wanted to be, and that is become a Bucks County Sheriff to help people who want it.

I was a child who was full of life and I got satisfaction on making people smile, laugh and just feel good about themselves and make them know that everyone has potential if

they just get on the right track to life!!!

Please direct this to anyone who is interested in giving someone a second chance at life. All of my rebellious behavior was when no one believed me in my home, including my

parents, and I would just REBEL MORE AND MORE AND MORE.

I just really need help in becoming what I wanted to be before that trauma occurred. But I did not trust people who truly wanted to help me, because my instinct that they wanted

to actually harm me. So, I would lose trust in those people when I started to rebel.

Please help me!!

The sexual assault was remitted from the story to protect the dignity of the person... I am not about seeking revenge but by helping people who too also experienced a form of

trauma which led to their drug/alcohol and mental health illness...

Link to Story: Peace of Mind

Excuse my absence...

2011-12-11 04:30:23 by Josh

Hello, Newgrounders;

For those who don't remember, I was a huge attention whore on this site who wanted to be someone but had went by it the wrong way. After realizing I wouldn't be able to get out of my comfort zone, I had to make a tough decision, which was to essentially terminate my Newgrounds Flash & BBS Posts to let go off my past mistakes, and wipe everything clean to work upon myself for a very long time.

The motives behind my termination of my prior Newgrounds Account was a tough decision, but something else was triggering my comfort zone. So I dug deep into my past without any outside stimuli from letting me be reminded of who I used to be.

Let me stress again, IT WAS A HARD DECISION, but I realized this site wasn't an addiction, something was causing my extreme addiction and risky behavior to everything that I had come in contact with.

My communication skills were haywired. Everything about me just seemed to show I had "NO SOUL"...

If you have any time to read a link of my past that triggered the obsessions and unusual behaviors that I have exhibited, I finally have come to terms with the root cause of my problems.

External Link: The Quest for Peace of Mind